Having purchased a small property last year, I was unhappy with my loan, it wasn't structured for my needs, overtime this could cost a lot of money, finding a Broker with tenacity and passion for what she believes in was just a phone call away.

Q. Has my service helped you in any way with your loan decision?

A. Definitely, understanding my specific needs in a home loan and with your vast knowledge of the loans available made the process a lot easier. Tapping into available loans would have been an ordeal but with Michelle doing the hard work it has been a very worthwhile journey with a great outcome.

Q. Are you satisfied with the service I have provided?

A. Absolutely satisfied. Customer service has been of a very high and understanding level. Sharing personal financial information is not easy. Michelle has honesty and integrity that sorts out practical and realistic solutions. 

Q. Would you recommend my services to family/friends?

A. I would and I have and will continue to promote Lend wRight Brokerage. 

If your circumstances requires a personal/home/commercial loan then Michelle will do everything in her power to make it happen.  So Pick up the phone or email for your financial assessment to bettering your life.

SQ - Hervey Bay

 I chose to make an appointment with you Michelle, because I had met you previously in another business & I have always found you to be genuine, very accommodating & a pleasure to deal with.

Q. Are you satisfied with the service provided?

A. Absolutely! - Because you went out of your way to help us find a suitable solution in a very minimal time frame - exceptional actually.

Q. Would you recommend my services to family/friends?

A. Yes, because you are professional & helpful & do the utmost to help people reach a solution.

JA -   Hervey Bay

I was looking to consolidate my debt, so I rang Michelle for some advice.

She was very efficient with getting all my particular details, sourcing the best company and interest rates for me.

Within a few days it was all completed, and apart from a few phone calls I didn't have to do anything! So Thank you Michelle for all your help :)

KMR - Victoria